Blue Hat - Live Party Music
Is this event going to be a success? Yes!!!  We just hope your guests have as much fun as we will! Planning for every detail is the key! We will be with you every step of the way.

What size stage or space do you need? We need a space that is safe for both your guest and for us. A 16 feet by 12 foot space is a minimum for the band and all their equipment. Remember we want everyone to have a special evening so this is one of those details that can make a difference.  We do like to visit the venue early to become familiar with it and anticipate all of our collective needs. 

 How much power do you need?For safety, we need a minimum of three separate twenty amp 110 circuits. Most venues have this issue worked out in advance. We bring plenty of power chords just in case. We scout this out in our early visit.

Outdoor parties:Outdoor parties have a special set of circumstances for live music acts. High or low temps can damage power equipment and make it unsafe for your guest as well as the band. Porches, tents or awnings are useful to avoid problems in high temperatures. Fans are also useful. Rain in most cases is an ender. Full payment is due. It is unsafe to play in rain of any kind or in standing puddles of water. We can move indoors, but it takes time and moving will affect the agreed time. Pre recorded music may be substituted if available and desired.

Can you play soft enough so that we can talk? YES! We taylor the music to the event. Cooperative planning with the bride and her party allow for all particulars to be considered. . We can do soft background music for cocktails and dinner. We slowly bring the energy level up as the party progresses.

Do you provide prerecorded music on your breaks?Yes! We make custom I-Pod playlists for each event and match the mood of the live music with our short intermissions. We will try to tailor it to your personal tastes.

Do you charge less for 2 or 3 hours?No, we charge by the event. We can only play one event at a time. It’s the same set up and tear down of equipment no matter how much time is involved. Sometimes special consideration can be given if it is early in the week or ends before 5:00 on a Saturday.

Do you always have the same band members?Yes and no. Most of the time, 90% or better, it is the same, but like any office people get sick, people go on vacations, and family tragedies occur. These things happen with all bands and any work situation. We have capable substitutes for each band member. We only employ top musicians to sub in in an emergency. This is not a factor. 

Can you learn a special song for us?Yes., This detail is worked out at the planning meeting. Generally two songs can be requested with sufficient time.

Can you play appropriate, less energetic music in the beginning of the evening and turn up the party music later in the evening? YES! If that is the request then that is what will happen. Most events are handled this way and experience is a great teacher. However you want it to be, that’s the way it will be. That is the game plan for 70% of our functions. We like to end our nights on a very high note. A big finish is always a lot of fun.

Do we have to feed the band?No, but soft drinks, water and sandwiches are greatly appreciated. Often the band and crew is on sight for 8 to 10 hours. It takes about 3 to 4 hours to set the 6-piece band up. This creates a long day without nourishment. If it is at all possible, an out of the way room or area designated for band and photographers can be a very good thing. We will comply with whatever you feel is appropriate.

Can your pianist play for cocktails in the lobby? YES! There is a charge for this added time. 

Can your pianist play ceremonial music if needed? YES! There is a charge for this added time.

Can you do a trio for dinner and then the full band later? YES! This is easy to do.

 Do you provide a wireless mic for announcements and toasts? Yes, we can have 2 as needed.

Do you provide all sound and lighting for the event? Yes. Great sound and lights.

Can you play an all C&W event? No. Will include more country hits in our sets, but we do not do a straight country program.

Can you play an event without C&W music? Yes

When does the band arrive for the job? For a 7:00 pm start we usually arrive at 3:00 o’clock. In other words 4 hours before the start time. Anything under 2.5 hours takes special consideration and will incur an additional charge. We usually have to hire extra personnel to accomplish a quick set up. 

How much time does the band need after the event is finished?Our crew people need 2 hours to strike the stage and put instruments in cases and move it to the dock of exit area and into our truck. Anything less than this takes special consideration and usually incurs an additional charge. 

Remember…Planning Planning Planning and we are with you all the way!