Blue Hat - Live Party Music
Please join us at our next event!
Not all booked dates are listed...
May 6: Mayfest 1:30-2:45
& Woodshed, ft worth 6-9 pm
May 13: Buffalo Boogie Run, Ft Worth 
May 20: Central Market, Ft Worth
May 26: Ridglea Country Club
June 3: Loveshack, stockyards Ft Worth
June 9: Frisco Square, concert
June 10: Ribshack, Granbury
June 14: Private Party
June 17: Buttons, Ft Worth
June 30: Private Party, Celina
July 22: Woodshed, Ft worth
July 29: Central Market, Ft Worth
Aug 12: Loveshack, Ft Worth
Aug 26: Woodshed Ft Worth
Sept 3: Wedding
Sept 8: Private Event
Sept 23: Central Market, Ft Worth
Sept 30: Wedding
Oct 7: Loveshack, Ft Worth
Oct 21: Woodshed, Ft Worth
Nov 10 Private Party
Dec 2: Private Party
Dec 3: private party
Dec 8: private party
Dec 16: private party
Dec 31: private party


Please call to confirm available dates as they may change from time to time. John Hotchkiss at 817.653.1534, or Stephanie Johnson at 405-812-1461